Muses and Magic Tour 2018

Taking inspiration on a road trip and creating magic

Here’s the deal. I made the decision that it was time to come home. But the thing is – the closest thing to my own home that I have is a storage unit in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Really not so odd when you consider that for the last nine years I’ve been working with an international humanitarian aid group and living for long periods of time in places others try to avoid.

So, I’m coming home. Whatever that means and wherever it may be. And rather than let life find me, Pegasus and I are taking to the road with those lovely muses to combine our powers and make some powerful magic.

First leg of the Muses and Magic Tour takes us from family of the heart in New Mexico to family of the blood in Wyoming. Then a bit further north for a visit with Lily in Montana (ok for you Lil?). After that we shall see where muses and magic take us.

And in honor of those muses, look for the updates from the road. Could be blogs on the website, updates on Facebook, or pictures on Instagram.  And maybe even some more amateur videos.  No judgment please because, except for those in NYC, we are all beginners.

So keep an eye out for us if we are in your neck of the wood, you’ll hear from us. So either get on the road yourselves or keep your doors open.

Windows down and music up!!!


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