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Dad always said, “I hope my life never depends on a flashlight or telephone,” because when he needed them most, they didn’t work.  These days we can add “internet connection” to the list.

From February to June 2019, I will be in South Sudan where internet is iffy at best. But don’t let that stop you from making contact because I am scheduling keynotes for my return. And if I can’t respond to your inquiry directly, a member of the fabulous Team Catherine will so we can meet your needs.

Catherine will Inspire your Audience to...

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    create cultures of belonging

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    knock down walls of isolation and loneliness

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    manage conflict and stress as a team

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    bring out the advantages that diversity brings

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    cultivate compassionate leadership

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    foster psychological safety

 { Creating cultures of belonging so teams can thrive }


"Catherine transported us to a world of purpose layered with empathy and, it was accomplished with style, elegant dialogue, and a genuineness flowing from her inspired life work. I would recommend Catherine to anyone trying to demonstrate how good can be accomplished in the most difficult of circumstances, and in surprising ways."

- Bud Bernstein, Curator for Strategic HR at Mt. Washington, A retreat for senior HR executives

Presentation Topics:


The heart-stopping story of running into a rebel fighter in an isolated hospital stairwell, in a country where women are never alone with men who aren’t their relatives. The lessons drawn from that intense moment of wordless, cross-cultural understanding that passed between them teaches us about forgiveness, tolerance, and acceptance.


Cultural Awareness, Communication, Managing Emotions

It’s Not About the Gunfire

At what point in a career does gunfire become a deal breaker?  Living in chaotic and high-stress situations demands anticipating burnout and being real about what is real when things get unreal. 


Stress Management, Burnout, Teambuilding, Chaos Management

Sunrise on the Summit

Lessons on work and life picked up while on the path to the peak of Kilimanjaro. Step by itty-bitty step. 


Adaptation, Perseverance, Teamwork, Focus

Story is on the way...

Why Hire Catherine?

Shares real world experiences

I love seeing a group of people under a tree because it means they are sharing stories. That they are connecting to one another through their real-world experiences. Everyone has a story to tell that’s true and I promise not to tell the starfish story.

Engages the audience

I tell stories with energy, movement, and humor. Inviting the audience to immerse themselves and use their own insights and wisdom to pull the meaning that resonates with them. My goals is to tell more than a story. Let's share the experience of being human at work.


After working and living in some of the conditions I have, I know a thing or two about adapting. Primarily that it is best done with a sense of humor and while helping. You need someone who goes with the flow, enjoys the twists and turns of life, and who can handle the unexpected. So, if there is any way I can help you, do let me know.

And, I’m fun to work with

I really do get it. You’re slammed. You want someone who arrives early and is prepared. Someone who makes friends with the audience before and after the presentation and who loves laughing as much as she loves making your audience laugh.

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